Vibration Monitoring System and CMS

At ALHELOL AL KHASA ENGINEERING our team is experts in all type of rotating machinery for vibration monitoring solution and we provide our customers with high quality products form our partner , we also offer custom designed vibration monitoring and analysis support packages form different companies.
We can supply a wide range of hardware, software, sensors and VMS systems at highly competitive prices for all rotating machinery along with support and training service.
Whether you require information on VMS or our service contracts or would like assistance setting up your own condition monitoring system program we have the expertise to help you in your endeavour.

Benefits of Vibration Monitoring system :

  • Widely applicable 
  • Consistent across all equipment 
  • Simple data comparison 
  • Early problem detection 
  • Strong Fault Diagnosis (Installation, Manufacture, Component & Lubrication etc) 
  • Improve shutdown scheduling 
  • Increase Plant Uptime / Profits 
  • Walk around / Real Time & Online Data Acquisition 
  • ISO & Dynamic Alarm Set Points 
  • Extend Maintenance Periods / Reduce Spares Stock 
  • Strong Fault Diagnosis (Installation, Manufacture, Component & Lubrication etc.)