Telecommunications & Computer Networking

Communication with your customers, the productivity and efficiency of your staff, and your ability to focus on operations and strategic long-term goals all depend on the stability and reliability of your technology systems. From your telephone system to your network, we will make it happen. Alhelol Engineering Solutions is committed to providing Network Services to businesses in all stages of development, from small start ups to large enterprises and government regulated entities. With our combined expertise in both Telecom and Managed Computer Network Services, we will help you reach your business goals through advanced and up to date technology. We have the tools and expertise to deliver exactly what you need to effectively eliminate all Information Technology issues from your business. With Alhelol Engineering Solutions as your technology partner, you can: Enjoy increased staff productivity – Less down time means more time to get the job done Concentrate on your core objectives – Relinquish your technology worries to us Expand your business – A strategic and well-planned investment in technology yields greater financial returns over time Guard your investment – from disaster, security threats and system failures Reduce stress – Get back to actually managing your business!